What do you think about the Gyroscope Last Level in Discord?

1- the commmunity members who participated the last level at Discord please share their opinions!
2- A request of Moderators: Because many members of the community were unable to attend the recent stage held at Discord, would you mind give another chance to them.

Closing this topic, since there is already a duplicate topic. In the beginning we have to be strict about this to keep the forum clean & usable. Also see forum rules.

Please take the discussion, for example, here: Gyro Sybil Resistance Challenge5 of LVL4

Q: What should be posted in the forum?

A: This forum aims to facilitate a streamlined discussion on governance proposals, meta-governance and other issues of general concern to the Gyroscope protocol

Q: What should NOT be posted in the forum?

A: The forum is not intended for casual conversations. If a topic or post is not constructive, a personal question or has already been discussed in another thread it might get deleted or closed.

cc @vatandar