What do you think about Sybil resistance?

you know we try to verify our discord to join at gyro server
after that at server captcha bot we gave access to bot for email address , avatar and username
maybe all of our public keys are set to our accounts

at gov.gyro.finance we wrote our public keys at bio

this system is very helpful for set discord accounts , public keys and forum accounts

at level 2.5 you should wrote one of the twitter ID , github or mobile number
after that core team can filter all of accounts with this data

at all you had limited time to register your accounts and get snapshots and save your activity time on community at discord , gov.gyro.finance and twitter

what’s your idea?


i think you must just use https://forum.gyro.finance/ because airdrop hunters or spam user can not handle all account and activate in https://forum.gyro.finance/


level 4 start and i think this is last level of test net.after that gyro can recognize real community users
gyro is the best stable coin in market


I think there is not any better way than the site https://forum.gyro.finance/ to recognize your real users. airdrop hunters cannot be active enough to handle lots of accounts.


every user must be present at GYRO.FINANCE

very nice
it was useful
:+1: :ok_hand:

I think one of these platforms should matter to the project team, it is kinda parallel job! I believe that gov.gyro is more special and it’s unique to the platform rather than Discord

A Sybil attack is a kind of security threat on an online system where one person tries to take over the network by creating multiple accounts, nodes or computers.