Wen ? should we force governance token?

I think we don’t have to force governance tokens. Once the project finds its place among the crypto community and fundraising takes place properly, then the launch of tokens and creating DAO would be a huge step for the project. That moment Gyro can explode the market, otherwise its hype could be damped like many good projects.


i agree.team and project need time to To prove himself @booriraa


For example look at PSP, mainnet for so long was working and TVL increased day by day, and then BOOM, token launch!


i agree with this team project


I agree with you :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1:


I agree with you… I have Two main reasons: 1st is to prevent probable failure in tokenization process and 2nd is to make sybil attacker tired =)


PSP had an UNFAIR distribution and it effects its community for sure


Unfortunately, Paraswap had a very unfair distribution and caused dissatisfaction among many of its users. Certainly in the future we will see a significant reduction in the volume of transactions on Paraswap

I believe that the gyroscope is very important to its loyal members and has all the prerequisites for a very large, successful and sustainable project in the future.

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Yes . That is true, creating your own community and gathering true users one by one is a good thing Gyro is doing. Loyalty is all things DAO needs.

Yes you are right, preparing the project against attacks and problems also can help running project more decentralized once mainnet launches.


i strongly agree with your point.


And token domped((((((((.

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exactly this will happen!

Iagree eith you dear
we should take time to this project

i think this project will not have Dao tokens. We currently have Forg nft and i think so that is enough

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Yea the Frog is the best LOL
But how does Gyro want to get completely decentralized if it won’t distribute tokens?

Closing this topic. Thanks for your trust, making a lot of progress with moving to mainnet, but there is still work to be done :slight_smile:

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cc @booriraa

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