Use Cases Issue in docs.gyro

A Savings Alternative

While the system is healthy and the reserve is generating good yield,
Aside from the White Paper discussion, is there a proper approach to examining network health?

Bootstrapping Economic Usage

Firstly, crypto-native businesses will be able to use Gyroscope for treasury management, without needing to rely entirely on banking infrastructure of other stablecoins with centralization risks.
In this section, is the ease of use for the first category discussed?
Will countries that are also sanctioned by the United States be able to do this?
It is true that we are talking about decentralized societies, but many of the charitable foundations that are setting up decentralized societies do not serve the countries that the United States has imposed sanctions on.

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Good topic. That questions concerns me too. I think a not small part of this community is made of people from Sanctioned countries. Respect for all parts of community’s rights is a must. But of course it is a big challenge for gyro. Standing against international rules, well It may have dire consequences.
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