Translations of the Gyroscope documents to other languages

Hello everyone.
I tryed to finding useful data about the Gyroscope in Persian language, but I did not get any useful documents(yeah I read some translation from the first page of the document).
So I think maybe the Gyroscope team can add a language menu on documents header and we can help to translate it to other languages.

I don’t have any Idea how can I suggest it to the core team, so if anyone has any clue, just help me and maybe we can make it.

So let’s do it :slight_smile:


At present, they start with languages other than Persian, and we hope that it will be the turn of Persian translation as soon as possible.


This is a good idea Then people get information about the project


Valuable activity for gyro Community and other languages Communities


Due to the large number of Persian language users, I think this proposal could be implemented in the future. If someone is interested in cooperating in the field of translation, he/she can start translating current articles from today so that Persian language users have easier access to basic content like the “Stablecoin 2” article, you can now put the translated content in Discord Persian room for members to read, and in the future, if the infrastructure is available, upload it to the site’s document section.

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