Sybil Attack or Human Offence

i know you do not aprove this topic like both of the previous toics i created before
but its for you Gyro Devs
your action in level 4 insult everybody in your community
if you think otherwise, ask peole
i’m sure you don’t dare to ask question or made a poll about the level 4 challenges, because if you do you’ll see what a mess you made.

Closing this topic, since this should rather be brought up in the Discord server. Also see forum rules. In the beginning we have to be strict about this to keep the forum clean & usable.

However, the team knows that Level 4 has led to discontent and concerns & is looking for a way to include more people while upholding high standards.

Q: What should be posted in the forum?

A: This forum aims to facilitate a streamlined discussion on governance proposals, meta-governance and other issues of general concern to the Gyroscope protocol

Q: What should NOT be posted in the forum?

A: The forum is not intended for casual conversations. If a topic or post is not constructive, a personal question or has already been discussed in another thread it might get deleted or closed.

cc @Marshal