Prediction gyro price fluctuations in the main network based on its mechanism

Giro claims that it can operate in all climates and is resistant to fluctuations in other cryptocurrencies. Is such a claim really true?

Markets usually have three face, bear markets, bull markets and side (or range) markets.

At a time when markets are bullish and constantly growing, it seems that people will be willing to invest in the market and turn their stablecoins into other cryptocurrencies. In such a market, it is possible that the gyro token will be priced lower than its value, which creates arbitrage for people who want to invest in fixed tokens ( with low risk and deterministic profit).

In bear markets, the issue is reversed. This means that most people want to convert their other cryptocurrencies to stable coins. In such cases, the gyro will usually have a higher price than its value, and in such cases, those who had invested in this currency will offer the gyro currency with a guaranteed and specific profit, and its price will reach equilibrium.

What do you think will be the price analysis in the side market?


İ know they algorithm is so mathematically conplex and sophisticated, so i hop gyro stablecoin stay pegged :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:


In a range market, this can be more attractive to traders because a trader with the right strategy can still make even more profit than the bull market.
Because in the bullish market, the daily trader is likely to lag due to rapid growth


It seems that we will not see much price fluctuations due to the creation of a strong community.


Yes, you are right. But to achieve this goal, the market cap of the project needs to be significant


Yes it is true. It is very effective
The project has a strong community and loyalty


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