Getting verified / Unfair Challenge

The fifth challenge for getting verified has been unfair. I live in Australia and the time for the fifth challenge was 5:30 am. I coudn’t wake up as these days Im fighting with a mass on pancreas. Considering the fact that the time to participate in challenge has been too short, how I can try to be verified? Im sure so many people around the world had such a problem. Ive been with this project from day 1 and now I feel so frusrtrated and disappointed. I hope you will provide your community with another chance to get verified and design other challenges in a fair way

Closing this topic, since it should rather be posted in the Discord server. In the beginning we have to be strict about this to keep the forum clean & usable. Also see forum rules.

Note that follow up challenges that will require presence during a specific time will be adjusted to the APAC region.

Q: What should be posted in the forum?

A: This forum aims to facilitate a streamlined discussion on governance proposals, meta-governance and other issues of general concern to the Gyroscope protocol

Q: What should NOT be posted in the forum?

A: The forum is not intended for casual conversations. If a topic or post is not constructive, a personal question or has already been discussed in another thread it might get deleted or closed.

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