D-Authentication Ideas

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:writing_hand: The purpose of this topic is to provide real solutions to deal with Sybil resistance using decentralized authentication (and/or/not KYC) to have best DAO we need. :facepunch:

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Please do not use KYC to solve this problem as this will eliminate a large number of users interested in gyroscopes, please keep in mind that users living in developing countries can be useful and People should not be judged by the policies of governments, we are all against many policies of governments and for many years the effects of these wrong policies of governments have made people’s lives difficult, today the blockchain as a tool to achieve Global justice plays a role, so how much better not to block global justice in technology by asking KYC users.
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@iman_paydar There’s already a topic going on about that (Sybil resistance) , definitely not a fan of KYC myself and believe there are much better ways.


exellent comment :ok_hand:
we run away into crypto and blockchain just because of our governmant and regime


Closing this topic, as there is already one: Sybil resistance.