Characteristics of a strong community

What are the characteristics of a strong community? :writing_hand:
In what characteristics do you see the role of the members of this community in forming a strong team? :people_hugging:


ones that take part in community calls and gives helpful notes
also ones who helping other guys to e here


i’d say being active helpful and supportive are the main characteristics of any strong community


A strong society is built by people who abide by the rules and move in the direction of the society
In this way, the existence of strong and correct laws will definitely be very effective for the better and faster growth of the society. The legislator should know that the existence of excessive and unreasonable restrictions causes discouragement and loss of motivation to grow in society.


Their goal it’s improving project not just getting nft or airdrop :roll_eyes:

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what was the relativeness of this and the question asked?

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be aware of the project,follow the procedure and be responsible to improve the project and introduce it to other to attract newcomers.


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