Challenge # 7 (ِDare or Truth?)

This controversial challenge raises questions for project donor members that we expect the executive team to answer.
The questions are as follows:
1: How does knowing the personal information of individuals help advance the goals of the project?
2: Why do you have special conditions for having the requested accounts?
3: Wouldn’t it be better if you applied for the identity of people through the phone number instead of asking for the information of social network accounts?
4: Is the existence of a discord not enough to prove a person’s identity?

Please show your kindness to this challenge by sharing these questions for all members and answering them.
I hope that the democratic character of this project will be seen by everyone


Please participate in this conversation to suggest your appropriate solutions


I think that all of the above can help improve the quality of the project
But it is better to provide sufficient and clear information about the various challenges so that participants do not get confused


of course a discord account isn’t enough to prove identities. even other social accounts such as twitter or github. maybe some demur but I think at the end of the day the most confident way to make certain about identities is KYC, if the project managers are really too serious about it.


Isn’t it an interesting idea to use a phone number to identify people instead of asking for social media account information? :white_check_mark: :white_check_mark: :white_check_mark:


This was exactly my suggestion
All applications use a phone number for authentication
I do not know how these social networks will benefit the project

This was of no use to the community other than dissatisfaction and harassment. There are better ways to evaluate member activity and eliminate hunters. For example, a lot of activity in Discord. No hunter can be very active with two or more accounts in Discord. :expressionless:


I hope that in the next challenges, this harassment and editing will not help the society

Interestingly, my Twitter account accepted me in the previous challenge, but it does not accept me in this challenge

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