Can Gyroscope establish best practices for DAOs?

As you may know, DAOs are becoming more & more important in today’s crypto world. So, How do you think that Gyroscope can be a role model in this space?


That’s good idea.
As you are fully aware gyro has performed some challenge about this topic. I agree with this method.


The community must be categorized into deferred levels, and then dealt with appropriately to maintain the community.


I’ve made a post about it but still on “Pending”, I discussed about DAO and my concern about it and how a community can get effected, which I’m curious to know how Gyroscope community and DAO will deal with it and become the role model. I’ll post it here and I would like to know your opinions:

Lets talk about your opinions about how can a DAO resist to PR campaigns, social engineering, mass media engineering, populism, etc.

As I understood the whole point of DAO is to eliminate those PR methods that I mentioned, so an organization can improve and evolve autonomously without bad or engineered influence. But how can it resist to 51% attack on governance voting and stay on it true course of actions? When we look at all those FUD in crypto space which change rapidly, what would happen if that FUD gets injected purposely in governance voting by mass media for example?

In ideal situation , DAO is PR proof, but we are far from ideal situation, at least decades.


dao most important thing for gyro ,and if accept us we thankful


By being decentrelized hopefully it wont be controlled and effected :slight_smile: :crossed_fingers:


I am eager to read your article about this important subject. Thanks for your comment